Authors: Aleksandar Cvejić, Verica Milošević, Lidija Vučković, Zoran Gavrilović

Publication “Results of Legal Representation and Research on Corruption in Prisons” contains three independent  reports. These are:

  • “Filing complaints- results of legal representation and results analysis”
  • “Legal representation in disciplinary procedures- results and results analysis”
  • “Research-survey of prisoners’ attitudes on corruption and fight against corruption within the system for the enforcement of criminal sanctions”

All three reports are results of the activities within the project “Step by Step through Prison System Reform” implemented in the period December 2010-June 2012. The Project was funded by EU Delegation in the Republic of Serbia.

What is common for the activities carried out before the reports is that they contribute to the overall objective and that is the reform of prison system. Separately, specific goals realized by activities were: improvement of situation of a prisoners on hunger strike (filing complaints), provision of legal aid for prisoners potential victims of torture or/and ill treatment (representation in disciplinary procedures) and contribution to the reduction of level of corruption in prisons (research on corruption)

Activities are created in a way that their implementation surely provides needed minimum, and more of information in planned area and at the same time opening possibility for mapping many other circumstances which otherwise, in overpopulation conditions, are not easy to determine by common monitoring procedure.

We hope that findings and recommendations, consisted in these three reports, will contribute to a change in  imprisonment practice which is in the end the only confirmation of implementation and success of the reform of the system for the enforcement of criminal sanctions.

Results of legal representation and Research on corruption in prisons