Centre for Human Rights – Niš, as a non-profit and non-governmental organization, was established and began with work in 1998, as another NGO project. It was registered as non-governmental organization upon this name in 2000.

The aims and objectives of the organization are promotion of human rights, accomplishment, improvement and development of human rights as well as human rights compliance monitoring, promotion of civil society basic values and confrontation against discrimination, intolerance and racism.

The Centre is committed to full integration of Serbia into the EU, establishment of democratic institutions, rule of law, reform of the detention system in Serbia, decentralization of institutions, competent administration, development of local government and well informed citizens who actively participate in public life.

The Centre realizes its activities through educational projects (seminars, debates, lectures, workshops), through researches (theoretical and empiric, monitoring) publishing activities (publications, brochures, guides, promotional materials), through incitement of cooperation and volunteerism among young people. Center cooperates with many experts, both domestic and international organizations, institutions and NGOs, and implements the projects in Serbia and in neighboring countries.

In the past eleven years the Centre for Human Rights – Nis have realized, alone or in partnership with other organizations and institutions, more than 30 projects.